03rd June

Get Fit and have Fun with our new range of sporty toys

Goal League (2)

With the World Cup starting next week and football fever gripping the nation, we’re really excited about our new Fit & Fun range of toys to help toddlers with their motor skills, balance and co-ordination. The range includes four toys; Monkey Strike, a bowling set with pins with cheeky monkey faces, Fishing Island, a fishing rod which activates lights and sounds when fish are caught, Balanskate, a 3-in-1 toy which is a balance board, scooter and skateboard and of course, Goal League, a soft ball and goal toy which lights up and helps children celebrate when a goal is scored!

Monkey Strike - Skittles Formation

All of the toys have been developed in in conjunction with our baby research centre, the Osservatorio, ensuring the toys suit the needs of children and great features help to encourage children’s success in practicing their skills but having fun.

Why not celebrate the World Cup, get sporty and encourage your children to get FIT and have FUN!!