The Happiness Centre

Our Happiness Centre: the Chicco Osservatorio

At Chicco, we are dedicated to making babies smile. It’s our job and we think it’s the best job in the world (apart from being a mum!). Nothing is more important to us than making baby happy, because we know that we will be rewarded with the most extraordinary gift ever. Your baby’s smile.Chicco Osservatorio Video

Our best ideas are born and tested in the Chicco Osservatorio – our Baby Research Centre in Italy, where our lovely brand Chicco was born. In other words….our Happiness Centre.

Making babies happy

Observing, learning, understanding. It’s here that our team of baby experts interact with midwives, paediatricians, psychologists and childhood specialists to observe, analyse and gather data about the physical, emotional and social needs of babies in each growth phase. By understanding babies in the first years of their lives, our baby experts can work towards finding scientifically endorsed solutions for the wellbeing of children and to provide the proper stimuli to encourage their development.

The Chicco team also draws on the expertise of parents to blend real-world knowledge with cutting-edge research, discovering everything from the ideal colour for a toy for each specific age to the best seating position for a stroller or the safest design for a car seat. Because babies’ happiness is a serious matter for Chicco.



To find out more about our Happiness Centre, discover tips and advice, or to download useful parenting guides, click here.

You can also watch a series of expert advice videos featuring our Osservatorio team and their baby experts on everything from breastfeeding to nappy changing on our Chicco YouTube channel.

Every Chicco product is tested for happiness

We know that there’s only one person in the world who can say their baby is truly happy – and that’s Mum! That’s why we’ve searched the country to find mums and their babies, and mums-to-be to become Happiness Testers, so we can prove that our products are really approved for baby’s happiness!

Our mums will be putting our products to the test and providing reviews, tips, and advice as well as photos and videos, so that you and other parents and mums-to-be can follow and share in their exciting journeys.

Each product will receive the “Tested for Happiness” stamp once reviewed, so please visit our site regularly to discover the very latest Chicco products to be Tested for Happiness by our mums and babies!

Follow the journey of our mummy happiness testers here icon_arrowdown


Amy Vickerman

30 from Leicester


Anna Cumisky

34 from Bath


Cate Elder

35 from Nuneaton


Kirsty Innes

36 from Edinburgh

chicco mum

Victoria Barton

28 from Aldershot