Kirsty Innes

36 from Edinburgh


Me and Rory

About Me

I’m 36 and a PR Consultant. I live just outside Edinburgh with my husband Craig, who is a Driving Instructor - we’ve been married for 11 years. We’re very lucky to have some beautiful countryside on our doorstep, so I’m really looking forward to getting out and enjoying it now that Rory has arrived.  

My Baby

Our baby boy Rory Andrew Innes was born on 14th September. It has taken over six years and two rounds of IVF to conceive our little miracle and he made us wait for an extra two weeks after his due date before making a dramatic entrance into the world. I've been so excited to meet him. The long wait has made me appreciate every moment of the pregnancy (even the sickness!) and it's the same now he is here. Rory still enjoys music, just like he did when I was pregnant. He arrived to Adele's version of Bob Dylan's Make you Feel My Love  and seems to enjoy me singing to him, even though I'm tone deaf!

My happiest moment

It absolutely has to be the six week scan when we saw our little miracle for the very first time. I wanted to hug all the wonderful staff in the fertility clinic - I kept thanking those in the room over and over and over again. The wait has made me appreciate everything I have.  

Why I wanted to be a Happiness Tester

I can’t wait to learn how to be the best mum that I can be and watch our baby grow, smile and learn how to live their own very happy life. I will be here for them every step of the way and want to spend every moment trying to make my little miracle's start to life the happiest it can be, no matter what. Despite the sleepless nights, dirty nappies, sickness and baby tears, we will be introducing our baby to a happy, loving environment. They have already given me no shortage of smiles, and I want to do everything I can to make them smile just as much, if not more.






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