11th August

Urban pram and pushchair travel system  

Kirsty Rory Urban 4

The Urban travel system is a stylish addition to the Chicco range. Light and easy to transport, it is perfect for fashionistas who like to get out and about.

Stylish, beautiful colours and perfect for those who like to coordinate

This is pram is designed for the modern mummy with a lovely fresh look and feel, and some beautiful accessories. One of the big plus points of the pram is that you can get different colour accessory packs. For those ladies who like to coordinate, there are five different colours: Red Wave, Cherry, Anthracite, Beige and Emerald. This is also gives parents a choice to pick their favourite colour – my husband preferred the soothing Emerald cover over Red Wave.

Kirsty Rory Urban 11

The pack also provides a good quality pram apron that kept Rory nice and cosy. It is simple to fix the packs in and easy to string the straps through the soft padded reducer and the safety harness pads. 


The pram is light and easy to lift. It has different size wheels and the front swiveling wheels make the stroller more agile across different surfaces . When we came to an uneven path, we simply locked the wheels at the front and the journey wasn’t too bumpy for Rory. The one downside for us was the break seemed to be a bit too easy to hit accidentally as we walked (particularly for my husband). The break is very secure though and goes on first time, so very reassuring.

Kirsty Rory Urban 10

All in one – Adjustable

The Urban is much simpler than some other travel systems, with one seating/carrycot unit that can easily be converted from pram to stroller. This is great for storage at home.

Rory was a little too big for the carrycot when we first got the system, but I can see how this would make a comfortable pram for a newborn, with a soft lining for the bed configuration. The seating unit reclines easy, so good if your older baby just wants to take a bit of a rest too.

Kirsty Rory Urban 9

You can have baby facing you when they need the reassurance of seeing your face, but you can also turn it the other way when they want to see where they’re going.

Light, easy to use and stylish travel system!

The canopy is great for napping babies – we could pull it right over so when he was sleeping Rory wasn’t bothered by the sun.

Fits the Chicco Auto-Fix Fast car seat

There is a car seat adapter, which you use to attach the Chicco Auto-Fix Fast car seat to the stroller chassis. Great for when you don’t want to wake baby if they’ve fallen asleep in the car. The adapter was very light, so simple to put together and the car seat slotted in securely and quickly so as not to disturb Rory when he’s sleeping.

Kirsty Rory Urban 3

Transportable and compact

Something I really loved about this pram was how compact and light the system was. This was ideal especially as I still had some back pain following the c-section. It was very easy to place the car in the car boot and leaving lots of room for your shopping (even Rory’s uncle’s car boot which was already pretty full with his luggage).

Kirsty Rory Urban 1

Did it make us smile?

The look and feel of the Urban travel system, as well as it’s compact size and lightweight frame certainly made me smile. The colour packs makes it stand out – and I can only imagine how lovely it is for Rory to relax under the colourful hood.