Anna Cumisky

34 from Bath


Me and Olivia

About Me

I’m 34 and I live in Bath with my baby girl Olivia. I work as a GP locally and I’ve recently gone back to work just a day and a half a week. Olivia and I enjoy being outdoors in the countryside together and spending time with family and friends.

My Baby

Olivia was born at the end of February and is the most beautiful thing ever (although I think I might be biased)! She is a very happy little girl, sociable and laid back. We enjoy going to baby massage classes, visiting cafes with friends and taking swimming lessons together.

My happiest moment

When my baby daughter was two months old, we spent a week with my mother and my grandmother on my mother’s farm, in Devon. The ladies of our family spent five days together, relaxing and enjoying each other's company. When I was a child, my grandmother looked after me whilst my mother worked and during this time she taught me to bake. It was wonderful to spend time baking together again and particularly special now that I had my own little baby in her sling, strapped to my chest, joining my grandmother, my mother and I for a family bake. Such a simple pleasure; precious time together, sharing our skills and talents. Sheer bliss!

Why I wanted to be a Happiness Tester

As a single mummy, I am always on the lookout for new products that might help make life with a little one easier. As a result, I have tried all sorts and feel well qualified to be able to really test drive a product and put it through its paces. I expect a high quality of design and manufacture from a product, especially items that are there to keep my baby safe and help her develop, but I also expect a reasonable price point to be maintained. I hope that my experience will help other parents make the right choices for their little ones.

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