06th August

Oasys 1 car seat  

Anna Olivia Oasys1 2

This month we have been trying Olivia’s first ‘big girl’ car seat, the Oasys 1.

It’s a class 1 chair, designed for babies weighing from 9-18kg. It is front facing and with an isofix base.

Looks and feels safe

The seat is certainly generous in terms of size and weight. ‘It looks and feels very safe, that’s for sure!’, I thought!

Anna Olivia Oasys1 3

Straightforward set-up

There was no assembly required to make the chair ready for car installation, something that I was relieved to discover. The instruction booklet was clear and the steps for installation easy enough to follow. The isofix base was quite straightforward to install with plenty long enough rails protruding from the back of the seat to grab the isofix points. Moreover, Chicco have cleverly adopted a simple to view colour panel on each isofix bar to show you green, once the installation is successful. We liked this feature. Once the bottom part is fixed, it is simply a matter of clipping the top tether strap to the anchor point in the boot, tightening things up and it’s ready to go.

Olivia is clearly very happy in her chair and seems comfortable too.

Olivia seems comfy and cosy!

The seat is very well padded, especially around the head and the seat. The whole head support also moves upwards through a number of settings to fit a growing Olivia. The seat itself looks egg like and curves cosily around Olivia. This makes it all appear extremely safe and snug (although it’s still tricky to strap in a very wriggly baby!) Releasing the catch to make the straps longer really helps, and we soon got the hang of it.

Anna Olivia Oasys1 4

Simple to use yet reassuringly safe

There is a five point safety harness which is simple to operate and it was then just a matter of tightening back her strap, using a single depressor, and Olivia was soon snugly installed and ready for travel.

During travel, Olivia is happy!

Olivia is clearly happy when travelling in her chair. She regularly enjoys a snooze in her car and we like that the chair has five reclining positions to make it even more comfortable for her.

Anna Olivia Oasys1

Great features to keep Olivia cool and comfortable

The chair has a climate cool feature called the Air Circulation System which is designed to aid ventilation. It helps to give maximum comfort for the child and allows breathability which I think is great as it could be otherwise quite warm.

Isofix gives us assurance and peace of mind

We love the reassurance that the Isofix give us. Unfortunately Olivia’s grandparents couldn’t use the car seat in some of the cars (those without Isofix fittings), but looking on the market, it seems there are few Group 1 car seats that can be used without isofix, so it’s a safety feature the industry and Chicco are following.

Did Oasys 1 pass our Happiness Test?

We are very pleased with Olivia’s Oasys 1 and it’s certainly made us all smile!