15th September

Teddy Count With Me  

Kirsty Rory Teddy 1

I love watching Rory interact with other babies, children…and even some of his toys, like Chicco’s Teddy Count With Me.

Friends forever

The Teddy has a lovely friendly face, large paws, soothing voice and even giggles, all of which help to encourage interaction with Rory. The teddy’s face has big eyes and a large smile, which it is known that babies are really drawn to. I often see him making noises as the teddy speaks, sings, giggles and even occasionally snoozes.

Kirsty Rory Teddy 2

Great to develop his senses

Teddy Count with Me also helps Rory develop his sense of touch, with different fabrics, a scrunchy ear and a crinkly foot. In addition the teddy speaks and sings. And it is not difficult to see how Teddy is great for developing Rory’s sight with lots of attractive printed pictures and stitched patterns – Rory is also very drawn to the flashing lights of the 1, 2, 3 buttons.

Dexterity development

The buttons clearly help to support Rory’s dexterity – since he has been using the teddy, I have seen his precision in pressing particularly the 1, 2, 3 buttons improve on a daily basis. He is also beginning to work out that he can press the slightly more hidden buttons in the bear’s feet and hand; and I enjoy spending the time to encourage him to do this.

Kirsty Rory Teddy 3

First Words encouragement!

The toy is designed to help babies learn their first words. While it is a little early yet for Rory to speak, I can see how this will help him learn the names of fruits and animals. It is great to bring in the basics of numbers so early on. Teddy introduces the first three numbers through buttons, songs and rhymes.

Bi-lingual from an early age

The toy is also designed to help baby learn their first words in French; and I definitely think it will help Rory to do this. The pictures on the teddy will help children learn what individual words in French mean. I did feel the toy might be improved by allowing you to switch immediately from English to French (currently if you switch languages and press the same button again it doesn’t necessarily say the same phrase immediately), however it is a nice introduction to another language.

 I can see Teddy providing lots more smiles for us all as Rory grows.

Fun for us all!

Teddy provides more fun, as he giggles when you press his foot. He also does this sometimes when you turn him upside down, or tells you he feels dizzy. Rory has giggled along as bear giggled.

Kirsty Rory Teddy 4


Teddy Count with Me has a familiar Chicco look and feel about him, with lovely bright colours; and soft features. 

Did it make us smile?

Teddy has definitely made Rory smile; and seeing him smile makes us smile too. I can see Teddy providing lots more smiles for us all as Rory grows; and particularly when he is ready to say his first words.