07th August

Band Walker  

Kirsty Rory Walker 1

As our time as Happiness Testers for Chicco is sadly coming to an end, it seems appropriate that one of last products we tested  provided the greatest happiness for all the family. And the Band Baby Walker most certainly didn’t disappoint.

Joining the family driving school

The Band Baby Walker was the perfect gift for our family, as Rory’s dad Craig is a driving instructor. The walker has two different toys to choose from – a keyboard and a car dashboard. Naturally we were given the latter, so Rory can join his dad’s school from a young age.

Kirsty Rory Walker 3

Start with ignition – Development

It has been lovely to see Rory already grow and develop in the car. At 5 months he clearly delighted in being able to make noises with the buttons and watch the lights flash and using it at 8 months he is much more accurate in pressing the buttons and has started to move.

Premium Performance

The car has already proven to be ideal in building Rory’s leg strength – an important step in the right direction to help in stand and then walk on his own. On the carpet he moves slightly forward; and on laminate and tiles he is speeding along (within acceptable speed limits though!).

A practical and fun baby product that’s stylish and entertaining for Rory.

Stepping up a gear – Grows with baby

The band walker can be adjusted to three different heights to suit the build of different children, and ensure their feet touch the floor correctly, as recommended by paediatricians.

Design – The ‘Ferrari’ of toy cars

As Chicco is an Italian brand, it is no surprise that the walker Is a stylish design. It comes in three colours including orange wave and blue. Ours is a lovely soothing green colour. The toy panel is also full of lots of different lovely colours to engage Rory.

Kirsty Rory Walker 4

Fun toy panel (or dashboard!)

The car toy panel has what you might expect to find on any car dashboard – from an ignition and steering wheel, to a gear stick and indicators. It even has a wing mirror, which you can change to two different positions. The different switches and mechanisms trigger flashing lights, car sounds and even some fun music. Rory seems to enjoy them all, but particularly likes revving up the engine.

Easy for Rory to maneuvre

The car has front swivel wheels which make it easier for Rory to guide. However, he’s still to improve his steering a bit, so ideal that the bumpers are malleable enough to take some knocks to furniture, doors and skirting boards (without causing damage to other objects).

Safety and Comfort

It also has six safety brakes, called “stoppers”, which stop the car when it reaches a step. The well-padded seat and rigid backrest offers maximum support to Rory. He is clearly comfortable sitting in the walker for longer periods.

Kirsty Rory Walker amended

Practical and compact

The car is made of quality materials and the design is very practical. It’s ideal that if Rory ever gets bored of the dashboard (which he hasn’t yet), it can be removed to reveal a play or food tray.

Did it make us smile?

The Baby Band Walker has most certainly made us laugh and smile. It is a great fun toy that has been pivotal to us getting to know Rory as his lovely, happy character develops.