09th September

Product highlight: Boppy pillows


Boppy feeding pillow

Boppy is a high quality, three in one pillow that helps mums with breastfeeding by taking the baby’s weight, which reduces tension in the arms, neck and shoulders.

It can then be used right through to helping the baby sit up unaided at around 9 months. The ‘miracle middle’ allows the pillow to adapt to the shape of every mum. The padding also won’t lose its shape over time, even when used frequently. The shape and sturdiness are guaranteed even after repeated washing.

Boppy Total Body Pillow

The Total Body Pillow helps mums-to-be to find a more comfortable sleeping position, which aids all-important sleep during pregnancy. The pillow has a modular and flexible design so it can be adapted to suit the varying requirements throughout pregnancy and from one mum to another. The pillow has 3 pieces that can be reconfigured to create the perfect combination – complete configuration (supports head, tummy and legs) head and abdomen configuration (supports head, neck, shoulders and tummy) legs and abdomen configuration (supports tummy, hips, knees and ankles) and back configuration (supports the back and aids side-sleeping position).

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