17th March

Baby Senses Toys  

Kirsty Rory Toys 5

These toys belong to the Baby Sense range, a family of rattles specifically created by Chicco to help a baby’s sensory development. Rory is now five months old and is starting to roll over and is beginning to teeth, so chewing everything he can get his hands on! We’ve been playing with the Baby Sense Musical Lion Rattle, Teething Crab and Activity Elephant as a variety of engaging, developmental and soothing toys are key to keeping him happy.

Kirsty Rory Toys 3

Sensory development

We particularly love the beautiful Activity Elephant, it can be taken almost everywhere, has ears that crinkle and crunch and different textured plastic toys and rings which are great for him to munch.  One of its ears is also a lovely silky fabric picture book which helps him learn to grip and turn the pages. The other is a little mirror which helps Rory learn to focus, track images and explore the wonderful expressions his own face makes. It entertains and develops his sense of sight, hearing and touch.

Great distraction toys

We use the Lion Rattle and Teething Crab on the changing mat at home to distract and entertain Rory. And the Elephant comes with us to the swimming pool changing room – it entertains Rory whilst I get dressed and is a good size to pop in a bag that fits in the petite lockers.

When you press a button, the Lion Rattle plays a little tune and a green light flashes. Rory has started looking for this now and so it is a great distraction when changing his nappy or when I have to prepare a bottle for him.

Kirsty Rory Toys 1

Colourful and inspiring creativity

As with most Chicco products, the bold colours of these toys are lovely and together make for a really magical play environment for Rory.

Perfect teething toys

Rory really is chewing everything in sight at the moment as he is teething. Teething Crab has little pincers that are filled with a cooling gel and after a brief spell in the fridge, I can see on Rory’s face just how soothing it is. His Gran was also impressed at the extent it seemed to sooth him – and given her experience as a mum to three, she is only impressed by the best. The external shell of the pincers also has different textures, which help soothe the teething process. The teething toys on the Activity Elephant are made with a lovely soft rubber and again are textured. 

These engaging toys keep Rory happy and help soothe his sore gums.

Avoiding heartbreaking toy loss

When Rory was around four months old, we sadly lost his beautiful comforter that his auntie Laura brought from France. The Activity Elephant has a ring that can be attached to a pram, so it is great to avoid any further heartbreak. We now take him everywhere – car journeys, walks and Baby Fun at the local swimming pool. 

Kirsty Rory Toys 2

Friendly faces and interaction

Each of the toys has a friendly smiley face, which I have come to learn is absolutely key to engaging babies from a young age and encourages interaction. He has started chatting to the elephant when he plays.

Musical development

The Baby Sense Musical Lion Rattle also helps him to develop his musical awareness. As well as the little tune and rhythmical light, it is a rattle with lots of colorful little balls visible through a clear panel. I’ve given him this to play with as we play music in the background or play the guitar to him. While he hasn’t quite got the rhythm down to a tee yet (not sure I have either), I can see that he enjoys it and is aware he is making the noise.

Did the toys make us smile?

These toys have provided an introduction to some of Rory’s first developments and with that brought us wonderful memories, so they absolutely did make us smile.