12th March

Baby Steps Activity Walker  

Cate Hannah Walker 2

Hannah loves to play with interactive toys, and I love anything that encourages her to use her hands and get moving! Chicco’s Baby Steps Activity Walker is a lovely walker – and in fact, much more than a walker! Hannah has the lovely pink version; it comes in a primary colour version too and is suitable from nine months.

Cate Hannah Walker 1

Encourages interactive play
Hannah loves the interactive play panel on the front of the walker. It comes with three shapes for a shape sorter and three balls which can be ‘posted’ into the green hole at the top of the panel. They then ‘fall’ through the middle of the walker to reappear in the tray.

Hannah loves these balls and shapes, and it was lovely to see her work out what to do with them – she really enjoys making the lights and noises come on by posting them through the green hole! As they ‘fall’ they also make two pink faces pop up and down which Hannah also tries to grab.

Cate Hannah Walker 3

Brilliant sounds which Hannah loves!
Interactive paddles on each side of the walker are also great for grabbing and pushing to make noises. Hannah particularly loves to rattle the balls on one side which make a brilliant ‘boing’ noise.

Handle to encourage those first wobbly steps
Then there’s the walker part! The handle is a great height for a young and unsteady young toddler, and when pushed along the walker plays a tune. This stops as soon as the walker stops to encourage more steps. Even better, the back wheels are lockable if you don’t want it pushed around, or for when it’s being played with sitting down.

Ecourages interactive play and Hannah loves the ‘boing’ noise!

Cate Hannah Walker 5


The noises and tunes are all lovely – and there is a two stage volume and off button too.

Grows with Hannah and has many months of play
Although Hannah’s showing no sign of getting on her feet yet, I know this walker will really help her to get moving and will continue to provide many more months of play as she learns to walk!

Does it make us happy?
The activity centre has definitely helped Hannah’s fine motor control so far; she loves to sit and play with it for a long time. I know in a month or two it’ll help her get moving on her feet too. We both highly recommend this lovely walker.