22nd December

Boppy Feeding Pillow  

Mia Victoria Boppy 2

Supportive from birth

We have been using Boppy since Mia was a tiny baby. It’s a feeding and support pillow, which becomes a cosy nest for the baby as they grow. Boppy is ergonomically shaped and wraps around your waist easily! It does feel quite tight but for me personally, I preferred this, as I was able to feel the support there instantly.

Great for bottle feeding too!

Unfortunately I was unable to breastfeed Mia, but Boppy was so useful even with bottle feeding. It meant Mia was able to lie comfortably whilst feeding, and especially for me, it meant no more achey arms or back.

Useful for bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding.

I’ve found as Mia has grown she likes to be propped upwards slightly more when feeding so I’ve used Boppy to give her more support.

Mia Victoria Boppy

After feeding, I’ve been able to leave Mia supported by the pillow, rather than lying flat and because she suffers quite badly with reflux, this has really helped Mia. It means she can keep more of her milk down and gains those pounds faster, and I’m a reassured and happy mummy.

Versatile and useful

Mia will be six months soon and loves trying to sit up properly, so we often sit her with the pillow supporting her and she can sit on the floor with the family. She knows we are still here and we can cuddle and coo over her giving us some valuable bonding time.

Great for tummy time!

My grandma always said if you hold babies too much their little bones would ache!

As Mia grows she’ll be able to use the pillow to learn to sit more upright and at the moment she’s getting that daily tummy time needed to help with muscle and crawling development. Boppy is ergonomically designed, so Mia won’t sink into it and she’ll have that continued same support time after time!

Versatile and provides support for my baby as she grows.

Value for money

Although Boppy is more expensive than other feeding cushions I’ve seen, it is great value for money, especially if you are planning to have more children. Mia’s older brother and sister are also big fans of the Boppy pillow as I often find them using it as a head rest whilst they watch the TV!

Mia Boppy Victoria 3

Great for travelling and visiting

The Boppy pillow comes in handy when visiting friends or relatives – it’s so easy to just put it in the boot and away you go! Friends and family get their Mia cuddle fixes and Mia has somewhere to sit upon when having a break.

Practical and easy to clean

Both the pillow itself and the covers can be washed on a 30 degree cycle (the pillow also maintains shape even after washing), and if you need to wash a cover then you can just swap it for another meaning no Boppy time is lost.

Did Boppy pass our Happiness Test?

The Boppy Pillow 100% passes the mummy happiness test, and I would recommend it to everyone. It is so versatile and well worth every penny!