06th November

Boppy feeding pillow  


The long awaited Rory Andrew Innes finally made his dramatic appearance two weeks and two days late via emergency c-section on 14 September 2013. It was in the maternity unit later than night that I realised just how invaluable Chicco’s Boppy feeding pillow would be.

I realised just how invaluable Chicco’s Boppy feeding pillow is.

A firm pillow that stays in position

A c-section is like any other major abdominal surgery and I needed all the help I could get to breastfeed my son. Luckily I brought the Boppy in Woodsie to the hospital with me. The firm pillow sat nicely around my waist and, unlike some other feeding pillows, reliably stayed in position – relieving pressure on my wound and making me feel relaxed. It is designed to fit snugly and doesn’t lose its shape.


Extra support

You feel like you need to sprout Octopus arms when baby first arrives, particularly when feeding: one to balance baby’s head, one to hold baby’s body, another to gently support your breast to help baby latch on correctly, and another to check the guide to see if you’re doing it right. And this is why Boppy was so useful. Breastfeeding can be a difficult and often painful experience to begin with and the Boppy pillow really helped to give me the extra support I needed to build my confidence.

For Rory, the Boppy = Milk!

Once home, picking up the Boppy and armed with some clear guidelines from an iPad app and some simple tips from our community midwife, feeding became a much more enjoyable experience for Rory and I. He is getting a very satisfying feed and his little eyes light up when he sees me reach for the Boppy. Just seeing his eyes light up and knowing he is getting what he needs makes me a very happy mum and the broken sleep doesn’t matter right now.

his little eyes light up when he sees me reach for the Boppy.

More than just a feeding pillow

I know we will get much more use out of the Boppy. I know that as Rory gets older I can prop him up on it so he isn’t lying flat on his back and can see more of the world. I can already tell he’s going to enjoy taking in the world around him! It’s also going to be great for tummy time to help strengthen his muscles and to aid him in learning to sit up. So many uses!


Practical and pretty too!

It’s great too that you can get extra pillow covers in other lovely designs. We have the Woodsie and Pond Pebbles covers, which both have beautiful, relaxing patterns. In the hospital, staff, visitors and the other new mums admired the beautiful Woodsie pillow cover design. Both the cover and the pillow itself are machine washable which is great as I have already learnt (the hard way!), that babies like to create a lot of mess! 

Comfortable for Rory to rest on

After some of the feeds, Rory rests on the pillow while I see to some of his other needs. He is clearly very comfortable as some of the pictures show and it helps to contain him securely for the moment or two I need.

Rory and I are definitely very happy testers.

Did it make us smile?

Ultimately, as the Boppy really has been invaluable in helping us overcome one of the greatest challenges for any new mum and baby, Rory and I are definitely very happy testers.