09th September

Polly 2 in 1 highchair  


We’ve been testing and using the Polly 2 in 1 highchair in Tweet for a few weeks now, and have put it through its paces during the start of our weaning journey. Watch our video review to see if Polly 2-in-1 made Hannah smile!

Great comfortable highchair
The highchair is a lovely fresh design, easy to clean, flexible and most importantly of all, Hannah is really comfortable and eats well in it. The highchair is intended for use from six through to 36 months (or 15kg) and has loads of features which mean it adjusts as your baby or house requires.Cate and Hannah's Happiness Test of Polly 2 in 1

The highchair is now a firm favourite in our house.

What Hannah loved most!
Hannah loved the chair the first time she sat in it. There are lots of things she likes:

The three different seat positions. With two reclines and an upright position, Hannah’s able to eat comfortably before she can hold herself unaided, while she’s nearly sitting but still a bit wobbly (i.e. now), and long after she can sit upright for herself.


The bright and colourful seat cushions. She loves the Tweet birdy design almost as much as I do! Both cushions are wipe clean and can be removed separately, but are still warm and supportive for Hannah.

The tray. She loves to bash her spoon on the tray and make lots of noise. It’s also a great size for highchair toys, drinks and bowls for children who need lots of things to keep them occupied (and distracting from anything green on their plate!). You can also store the tray on the back legs too, if you don’t want to use it and there’s a tray cover which can be removed and cleaned easily.

The seven different height positions. This means she can sit at our dining table with us, or in the kitchen at a lower height so her big brother can see and talk to her.

What I really love!


There are loads of things I love about the highchair too:

This seat will grow with Hannah! The adjustable height, the removable inner cushion which we can take out when Hannah grows bigger, the seat position, the flexibility of using the tray or not, and the adjustable foot rest all mean this will get loads of use over the next two or three years.

It’s safe. There’s a good strong adjustable five point harness to stop a wriggly Hannah escaping. The tray also has a rigid crotch safety bar too, for added confidence. The wide leg positioning also makes the chair feel really stable.

It’s great to have a highchair that’s so flexible and easy to use, and it’ll last Hannah for ages too.

It’s easily cleaned. Everything is wipeable and all surfaces come up sparkly clean despite weaning being a messy business so far (why is most weaning food orange?!)!




It’s easily folded away to move or store (behind a door in our house). Because sometimes we want to eat in the evenings in a tidy room with no evidence of kids. Don’t you?!

Did Polly 2 in 1 pass the Happiness test?
Hannah gets excited when she’s being put in it as she knows her meal is on its way!

Our happiness test verdict? Pass with flying colours!