19th February

Day Moments Bathtime Toys  

Cate Hannah Bath toys 3

Bath time is always busy in our house!  Hannah loves bath time, but trying to get her and her brother ready for bed can sometimes be stressful, so we love anything which helps make it fun.

Cate Hannah Bath toys 2

Vibrate and Swim Seal

Vibrate and Swim Seal is a lovely soft toy with a pull out ball, which vibrates as it retracts and helps it move around slowly in the bath.  The box says it’s suitable from six months, but I know Hannah would have loved this from around three or four months old.  Hannah loves playing with it, and especially likes to soak him in the bath and feel the water dripping from it on her toes.  She loves to feel it vibrate on her hands too.

Cate Hannah Bath toys 4

Bubble Island bath toy

Bubble Island bath toy is a gorgeous vibrant activity centre that is also suitable from six months.  There’s so much to do, that I know this bath toy will last Hannah until she’s much older – in fact her five year old brother loves it too!

Great to develop hand-eye co-ordination but brilliant fun too!

Cate Hannah Bath toys 1

Bubble Island has two separate cup-like fish that hold water for pouring and move down the slide to drop and float in the bath.  A small yellow paddle is brilliant for Hannah’s little hands, and she loves to try and spin it to make splashes.  Hannah’s brother loves the soft red Octopus, which he squeezes to make bubbles come out of the top of the volcano.  Brilliant!

Easy to look after

Both toys are super easy to use and keep clean.  Bubble Island has a handle and small hole which drains water out once tipped.  Vibrating seal easily wrings out to almost dry, and is hand washable too.

Do they make us happy?

Yes! I love these toys because they help develop Hannah’s hand eye co-ordination and understanding of cause and effect, all whilst making bath time fun.  Hannah (and her brother!) love them because they definitely help make bath time colourful and enjoyable! We definitely recommend them.