04th March

Magic Stars mobile & Goodnight Moon  

Kirsty Rory First Dreams 5

Sleep is essential for all babies’ brain development. However making sure they get this is not always easy!

Did the First Dreams products support sleep?

I think we have been lucky with Rory’s sleep, but the Magic Stars Cot Mobile works wonders with him – it is positioned in his cot in his nursery. He often watches it in awe and it most certainly helps to lull him to sleep on most occasions (unless he has trapped wind, is teething or just not tired).

Rory and Kirsty's video

The Goodnight Moon musical nightlight also helped him sleep on some occasions early on, but is having less effect on him now.

A long time ago…in a nursery far far away

Completely coincidentally, both the First Dreams products not only fit with our blue colour scheme but also our Star Wars/Jedi themed nursery. A pink colour is also available.

Kirsty Rory Goodnight Moon

Musical awareness – inspiring concentration

Playing classical music (particularly Mozart) to a baby can help to aid their concentration levels.

Whether you believe this or not, the music on both these First Dreams products is so soothing you can’t help but be taken into a dream world by it.

The mobile also plays new age music, which includes the lovely sound of small birds in the background.

21st century comforter

The Magic Stars cot mobile really is a 21st century comforter. It has an amazing cry detector. If Rory’s sleep has been disturbed by a noise or a bad dream, it lulls him back to sleep without the interference of any other person in the room.

The projections really help lull Rory to sleep. It’s a real favourite with daddy and me….and Rory too!

It also has a remote control which parents can use to turn the mobile on from a distance (although not if there is a door between the remote and the mobile) – again this means that the baby can be lulled back to sleep without the distraction of a parent walking in the room.

Visual skills – Beautiful projections and lightening

Kirsty Rory First Dreams 4

What really sets the Magic Stars mobile ahead of other products is the beautiful stars, moon and sun it projects on the wall and roof of the nursery – great for baby and adults alike. Together with the rotating cot mobile, this really helps to develop baby’s visual skills as they adapt to different perspectives and learn about distances.

The mobile also has an option to turn off the projections and turn on an orange glow, which gives the sense of a sunrise – a gentle way of waking baby rather than having a bright light in their face. The Goodnight Moon also has nice calm green flashing lights. It also works as a great nightlight as Rory gets older and no longer needs the mobile.

Transportable and easy to fix

Kirsty Rory First Dreams 3

We have had a few overnight stays and took the Goodnight Moon. It is light and easy to transport.

Did it make us smile?

Both products made us smile, but The Magic Stars Cot Mobile is definitely our favourite – it is not surprising that it won a Mother and Baby Gold Award. Rory still looks at it in awe and wonderment…as do I!