22nd March

First Dreams Magic Stars Mobile  

Amy Edith First Dreams 3

The Chicco Magic Star Cot Mobile – our bed time saviour! Edith loves to watch the stars and planets float by on the canopy or the ceiling, as she drifts off to sleep. It’s like a blanket of stars above Edith’s cot.

The Magic Star Mobile has lots of different functions – a mobile, projection, music and a nightlight. And as Edi grows we’ll be able to remove the overhead part and still use it as a practical nightlight.

Not just for bedtime – great for giving me five minutes!

Amy Edith First Dreams 2

The mobile is great as we use it not just at bed time but in the day too. The mobile’s rotating canopy, (which can also be set to be stationary) with its detachable characters, provides moving objects for Edith to watch whilst listening to music and sounds which is a great help when I need five minutes to put the washing away! There are two types of music that can be selected; using the leaf button on the front of the mobile selects ‘new age’ music and the musical note for more classical tunes.

Amy Edith First Dreams 1

Option for remote activation

The mobile also comes with a remote control that allows you to activate various functions without even having to touch the mobile itself. This means that if Edith stirs we can select one of three programs using the nightlight, music and projection to help calm and sooth her from a distance. We love the projector and music as it calms and soothes Edi as she nods off at bed time 

Amy Edith First Dreams 6

Noise activation – great feature

The mobile is also noise activated and will come on automatically with the nightlight and rotation if Edith cries. The mobile switches itself off after a period of time and also has two volume settings.

No need to plug in and simple to use

The Magic Star Cot Mobile is battery operated and was very easy to fix to our cot. The canopy and arm were easily attached to the main mobile unit and are very secure despite being removable pieces. Its design is attractive but simple; the buttons have pictures without writing but their purpose is clear and the hanging characters are cute and eye catching.

Our bed time saviour. Music, sounds and wonderful projections for Edith to watch as she drifts off to sleep.

Amy Edith First Dreams 5

Did it pass the Happiness Test?

The mobile is very user friendly and is very easy to install. We love that there is the option to have either light or projection (both with and without the music) by pressing the big crescent night light button. This is brilliant as Edi likes to watch the patterns but sometimes the noise can stimulate her so to be able to select the different combinations of lights, projector, music and sounds is lovely. With its multi-functionality and beautiful projections the Chicco Magic Star Cot Mobile is a hit for us and great value for money.