12th November

Happy Colours soft toys  

Hannah Cate Happy Colours 3

Hannah and I have loved playing with and exploring the gorgeous Happy Colours Chicco toys – cat and dog and musical duck.  We love their size, colours, softness and most of all, their cuddly-ness!

Hannah Cate Happy Colours 4



Fabulous first friends!

All of these lovely toys are suitable from birth, and make fabulous first friends and playmates for a baby.  Hannah loves playing with and cuddling them!


Soft & Cuddly – great for cuddles

Hannah’s loved the Cat and Dog since she was around four months old.  They are super soft and cuddly velour with cotton feel tummy and legs.  They come in gorgeous, good quality boxes too.

Super soft and cuddly and a lovely playmate
Hannah Cate Happy Colours 2

Cat has a pocket on the front that Hannah loves to try and get her fingers in! She especially loves to grab the soft, long ears on the dog which she plays with and snuggles into.


Practical too!

I really love these toys too – they are both machine washable, which has been perfect for Hannah’s dribbling, chewing phase!  We also both love the vibrant pastel shades which look great in Hannah’s bedroom.  They’d be perfect for a boy or a girl!


Lovely lullaby and no batteries needed

The Happy Colours Musical Duck is also a wonderful first toy. It’s made from gorgeous soft velour with a cotton feel cape.  The heart in the middle of its tummy pulls out, to play a musical box lullaby tune as it retracts.  The tune is lovely and soft, and no batteries are required – perfect!

Duck is one of Hannah’s favourite toys and helps lull her to sleep

Hannah Cate Happy Colours 5

A firm favourite with Hannah

Duck has been Hannah’s firm favourite.  She loves playing with the beak and trying to pull out the heart to make it play a tune.  I very often use it at nap time in her cot too, and the tune lulls her to sleep.  She loves cuddling it, and often snugs into it too!

Our happiness test verdict?

All three toys feel wonderfully made, plush and really good quality.  They would make a fabulous gift.  We love all three! Happy Colour toys mean a very happy Hannah!