25th February

Hoopla rocker  

Kirsty Rory Hoopla 4

For a boy born to parents who met because of their love of rock music, it seems apt that the Hoopla Rocker is his favourite seat for playing, relaxing… and even listening to his parents play guitar (well dad plays, his mum attempts to).

Chicco really listen to mums, dads and babies

Kirsty Rory Hoopla 6

A new design, it is clear that Chicco have really taken on board feedback from parents with some lovely design features and buckles that are easier to fasten than some older models of bouncer. From the moment Rory sat in the chair, he seemed very comfortable and the buckle clicked into place stress free. 

Suitable from birth

The seat comes with a booster cushion, which is ergonomic and soft – perfect for a newborn baby to snuggle into. It is also modular, which means can be adapted to ensure comfort as baby grows and the head cushion can be positioned at three different levels. At five months, although Rory is very long for his age, he still has plenty of room. It is designed to suit babies up to six months.

Kirsty Rory Hoopla 5

Relax and Play

With an adjustable backrest, the chair is perfect for Rory to both relax and play.

He loves the sounds of our acoustic guitar, so we both play to him as he sits up in the seat and enjoys.

He also loves playing with three beautifully designed toys – they sit on the detachable curved toy bar and help to stimulate his tactile, visual and hearing skills. He is teething at the moment, and two of the toys are designed with a lovely soft rubber perfect for him to chew safely. Two of the toys also sit on runners, so Rory can learn how to use his little hands and arms to pull and push. The toy bar can also easily be removed.

Transportable and great for storage

Kirsty Rory Hoopla 1

One of the unique selling points of this Hoopla Rocker design is that it can be folded flat – perfect for transporting or storing away. 

Modern design and fab colours

Perfect for Rory to relax and play. Lovely modern design too!

We have the Hoopla Rocker in a beautiful sage colour but it also comes in three other colours. The seat frame is a lovely gentle design, with almost every element gently rounded to make a very modern look and feel. It is nicely finished with great quality fabrics. The chair can also be used as either a fixed position or a rocker chair with very easy to use controls at the front.

Kirsty Rory Hoopla 3

And we know it’s stain proof too!

With Rory teething, he leaves a trail of drool almost everywhere he goes but it doesn’t leave marks on the chair. The greatest stain test came when I accidentally spilt a drink of Irn Bru (yes, living up to a Scottish stereotype!) on it. It can be really hard to remove the stains so I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the chair cleaned up with a wet cloth.

Did it make us smile?

The Hoopla Rocker has provided us with lots of laughter and smiles – we’re just sorry he’ll grow out of it soon.