13th May

Liteway Plus travel system  

Amy Edith Liteway 3

Simple to use and versatile

When we first put the pushchair together we were surprised at how simple the whole process is. Unlike so many other ‘travel systems’, there are no attachments for the car seats which means wherever we are, we can use the pushchair in both car seat or stroller mode without forward planning. This makes it really versatile and with our busy lifestyle, whether we want a quick stroll around the shops and Edi is asleep in the car seat or a long walk, we are prepared with the Liteway in the boot.

Amy Edith Liteway 7

Using it with the car seat is easy and secure

If you use the recline button to move the backrest, the car seat locks easily into the pushchair and is secure. The large rain cover is designed to cover the pushchair and car seat completely and keeps Edith nice and dry, even in the wettest of weathers (and we really have had plenty of opportunity to test this out!).

Amy Edith Car Seat Liteway 1

Key Fit car seat – snug and safe

The car seat is comfortable and safe, with its five point harness and baby liner. Edith looked snug as a new born and now has plenty of room with the liner removed. The hood is a good size and will act as a good sun shade…if we get any sunshine! I like that it isn’t attached to the handle like some models as it means that we can move the two independently. The handle has a comfy grip and the seat is fairly comfortable to carry and not too heavy.

Amy Edith Car Seat Liteway 7

Key fit base is great for quick and secure fastening in car

The Key fit base is great for quickly and safely putting Edith’s car seat in the car. It has a height adjuster to make sure its level and in the safest position possible (shown on a mini spirit level).

Compact and easy to fold one handed

Liteway is so light and compact, folding like an ‘umbrella’ meaning it is easy to carry and stow, and the removable front wheels mean that it can fit into even the smallest boot or cupboard for storage.

Amy Edith Liteway 6

Lockable, sturdy wheels – great for bumpy roads

The pushchair is easy to manoeuvre with lockable swivel wheels, and although it is light, it’s very sturdy and stable, meaning that even without Edith in it, it doesn’t tip up with my changing bag on the back. The wheels are solid and are great for bumpy, uneven surfaces. It’s also comfortable to push and moves easily, even one handed which is great when I’m walking with Martha and she wants to hold my hand.

Such a versatile travel system that suits our busy lifestyle. It’s lightweight and really easy to use too!

Comfortable for Edith and useful features

The seat looks comfy and roomy and reclines flat meaning that we could use it from birth. The cosy fleece lined foot muff attaches with velcro at the top of the seat and is large enough for Edith to grow. The footmuff front can be zipped off which is great as it means we don’t have to get Edi out to remove the whole thing if it happens to get warmer as we’re out and the added pocket on the front of the foot muff is great for putting Edi’s cloth or Ann Rabbit to keep them safe.

Amy Edith Liteway 4

Roomy basket for shopping and essentials

The basket is a good size to put the essentials in when out and about and the hood provides enough cover if there is a light shower but does seem a little bit wobbly at times.

Did it pass the Happiness Test?

Liteway is a fabulous lightweight travel system and has become an every day staple in our house! Its so easy to use with its one handed unfold and collapse system and is stylish in both pushchair and car seat mode.