23rd July

Music Band Table  

Cate Hannah Toys 3

This gorgeous and fun table is perfect for any child who likes to bash, move and make some noise!  It’s suitable from nine months, and will last any child for ages.  Hannah and I love how versatile it is – the three musical activity consoles which sit at the top of the table all come off for independent play.

Cate Hannah Toys 4

Versatile and great fun

The three consoles are all really engaging – there’s electronic drums, maracas with beads and colourful notes to turn and a DJ console with a slider, scratching wheel and record player style handle.  Hannah absolutely adores the maracas console, and turning those colourful notes over (and over!) encourages her fine motor skills so much.

Such a sociable toy. It makes me smile to see them both play together. Versatile and fun!

Social and great for fun together

The table is also a perfect height for a young toddler – playing with it has encouraged Hannah up and onto her feet no end, and she loves to stand and play at her table.  It’s such a sociable toy, her older brother can’t help but join in too!  It makes me smile to see them both moving to the beat, and shows how much positive influence music can have on young children!


Cate Hannah Toys 2

Wonderful, engaging toys in bright Chicco colours

All of our Chicco toys have provided hours of play for Hannah.  Our whole family adores all of them!  The colours are vibrant and suitable for boys and girls, and together they look like a ‘family’ of Chicco toys.  They are all brilliant quality and robust enough for even the keenest of toddlers.


Do they make us happy?

It’s brilliant that it encourages Hannah to play together with her older brother in a way they both enjoy.  It’s such a versatile and fun toy and get a big smile from us all!