23rd September

Oasys 1 car seat  

Victoria Mia Oasys1 1

This month we’ve been reviewing Oasys 1 car seat. Mia is very petite so she took a while to reach the correct weight range for Oasys 1, but once in it, we could see how happy she was!

Value for money

Oasys 1 is designed for weights from 9-18kg, up until around the age of 4 years so we will definitely get good use from it making it really good value for money.

Victoria Mia Oasys1 3

Comfort and safety first

It has five reclining positions and a head rest that lifts higher to support Mia as she grows. The Oasys 1 has a five point harness which extends at the touch of a button giving plenty of room to get Mia fitted in the seat comfortably and quickly.

Sturdy and snug

At first, our thoughts were how big the carseat is, but this is what makes it so safe and comfortable. On the whole, fastening the car seat into the car wasn’t too difficult, and once connected, I couldn’t believe how sturdy it was compared to previous car seats we’ve used. The Isofix system makes it so easy to use and it great for me as it has the double-check reassurance.

I love knowing that Mia is safe and she’s happy to be snug in seat, looking around at the world!

Victoria Mia Oasys1 2

What Mia loves!

Mia loves sitting in the seat and I can tell she feels safe and happy to be able to see what her siblings see and enjoys looking out of the window, pointing to everything saying ‘what’s that?’!

And what I love!

I love that Mia looks so safe and snug in the seat and with the protective high sides and padding. I know she is safe as can be when we are travelling. It has a breathable mesh-like fabric which is great for Mia, especially during the hot summers and the cover can easily be removed for easy-cleaning.

Did it pass our Happiness Test?

As a mummy, there is nothing more we want than to know our little ones are safe, so it’s lovely to know with the Oasys 1 carseat I don’t have to worry. It retails at £269.99 but we think it’s worth every penny and would highly recommend to others.