30th April

Oasys 1 (Group one) Car Seat  

Cate Hannah Oasys1 2

Hannah loves her big girl forward facing car seat – the Group One Oasys 1 car seat. It’s suitable for children from 9kgs in weight (usually around 12 months), right up until around four years of age, or 18kgs.

At just over one years old, we moved Hannah into this lovely forward facing seat. She really enjoys looking around and see what’s going on, and it’s great to be able to see her in the seat as we drive along so I can check she’s ok.

Cate Hannah Oasys1 1

Practical with lots of features

I was really impressed with this practical seat and its safety features.  Hannah sits really far back in the seat, which looks and feels really safe and comfortable.  The padding all around is really soft, and as she sits far back in the seat, it’s very supportive for her head, legs and back whilst still being comfortable.  The top of the safety harness also has comfy looking, padded shoulder protectors.  Great!

And for even more comfort, the seat reclines to tip Hannah back into a more comfortable position for sleeping.  This action is simple to do with one hand using the orange button at the front of the seat.  Great for mid-car journey snoozes.

Really impressive seat and Hannah seems comfortable and very happy looking around!

Practical removable seat covers
The black seat covers are removable for washing, which I think it essential for a seat that will last for up to three years.  I also love that sections of the seat covers are perforated fabric.  This car seat is so cocooning, these perforations will help the air flow to keep Hannah cool on warmer days.

Will grow with my baby

As Hannah grows, it’s great that this seat will grow with her.  The headrest simply slides up and down to offer maximum support and increased room as Hannah gets bigger.

Cate Hannah Oasys1 3

Important safety features

The thing I love most about this seat is that it feels so sturdy, whilst still being comfortable for Hannah.  In addition to the Isofix fittings, it also has a top tether belt which straps the seat to the inside of the boot of my car.  This really adds to how securely the seat fits in the car, and there is very little movement of the seat, even when I’m driving and Hannah isn’t in it.

I trust it to look after Hannah as the safety features are great

Simple to make sure Hannah is safely strapped in

The five point safety harness is so strong and is simple to click together.  There’s only one way it works too, so you know it’s all fastened in correctly.  The straps are really easy to tighten too – just a simple pull and a clip ‘locks’ them in the place you set.

Alongside these important safety features, it’s also reassuring to know that the Oasys 1 car seat meets European car seat safety standards (ECE R44/04).

Does it make us happy?

We love this comfortable car seat that will last Hannah nearly until she starts school.  Hannah loves how comfortable it is, and how much she can now look around when we’re out and about.  The safety features mean I trust it to look after Hannah too.  We’re happy!