29th January

Open Country Playpen  

Cate Hannah Playpen 3

When I’m home alone with Hannah and her older brother, it feels like I need eyes in the back of my head sometimes!  Keeping Hannah safe from her brother’s Lego and other toys, and stopping her rolling into trouble while getting tea ready can be a challenge!

That’s why the Chicco Open Country playpen is perfect. Hannah loves to play in there, which means I don’t have to worry about her getting up to mischief. The Open Country design is really vibrant, and suitable for a boy or girl.  Hannah and I both love the gorgeous orange colour

Cate Hannah Playpen 1

Solid and secure

It works like a standard travel cot; the sides snap open and base pushes out to form a solid and secure structure.  I love this as it means it’s compact when folded away.  It comes with a carry hook and its own bag too.  Great for transporting.

It’s suitable from birth, and is a good square size (nearly 1m x 1m) which means it will last for ages as there’s plenty of room for Hannah.

Interactive and comfortable for Hannah

The play mat inside the pen has an interactive country farm animal design; some animals have ‘sticky-up’ crinkly ears or soft feet for Hannah to play with. It’s also removable and as it’s padded, it’s great to use on floors to protect carpets or protect baby during the wobbly sitting up/falling over phase!

Practical washable playmat cover which can be removed to use on the floor!

Practical and fun!

The cover of the play mat is removable and machine washable.  Ideal for spills and dribbles!

The pen also comes with two soft toys which can hang down from hooks on the inside.  A lovely touch.  We especially appreciate that the sides are mesh for brilliant ventilation on hot days, and that one side zips down so I can easily get at Hannah if I need to.

Cate Hannah Playpen 4

This is another Chicco product that Hannah loves.  It’s great value and feels so solid, even when Hannah’s rolling around in it.  The toys, pictures and colours mean Hannah’s really happy in there; it’s a very thoughtful design.

Does it make us happy?

When I can get other things done, knowing Hannah’s happily playing and is safe, I am always happy!  Hannah gets to play in a gorgeous comfortable pen that stimulates all her senses.  Perfect.

Chicco also offer a Open World Playpen in red.