22nd October

Play Pad playmat  

Edith PlayPad 2

The Chicco 2 in 1 Play Pad is practical, easy to use and looks lovely. And at just a week old, Edith seems very happy when using it, and Martha loves to help! We’ll review the play pad again when Edith is a bit older and will be able to interact with it more.

Practical and comfortable

The soft mat provides enough padding for Edith to lie comfortably on our hardwood floor on both her back and her tummy, and it is very practical as it’s machine washable.


Multisensory play

The toys and attachments have a lovely variety of textured materials, with different crackles, rattles and squeakers, making it very multisensory.

The pattern and characters are bright and fun.

Great for Edith’s development

The Play Pad’s double-sided arch design enables the toys and attachments to be positioned in a range of ways, allowing the Play Pad to be used throughout the different stages of a baby’s development. For Edith, we have the toys hanging above her to encourage her to look around and develop her sight and hand eye coordination, as she begins to reach for the things she sees.

As she grows and enjoys more tummy time, the toys can be placed lower to promote movement, as she attempts to move to grab them. The ‘slide line’ attachments are great, as they mean that we can easily position the toys anywhere along the arch, so that Edith can see them wherever she is on the mat.


Easy to store away when not in use

The arch is assembled by looping the fastenings at the base of the ‘legs’ over the balls that are attached to the mat. This seemed a bit of a tight fit when we first attempted it and we were worried about how easy it would be to take it apart and put it back together whenever we wanted to use it, but the flexible design of the arch means that we can leave it assembled and fold it into its box or slide it under our sofa, which is ideal when guests arrive and we quickly need some extra space. Another bonus of the loop attachments is that there are no clips or clasps that may catch fingers, as Edith begins to explore.

The little pillow is a nice feature that I haven’t seen with other play mats.

Our favourite thing

The little pillow is lovely, as it means that Edith’s head isn’t always resting flat on the floor and being slightly propped up lets her have a greater field of vision. The pillow will also be great when Edith is a little older to encourage her with tummy time as it supports her body, allowing her hands to be free to explore and developing her arm strength, ready for crawling. The pillow also had tags to attach toys to, meaning that Edith will have plenty to keep her entertained too.


Did the Play Pad make us smile?

We’ve been able to enjoy some special time with Edith and Martha on the playmat, which has really made us smile. At just a week old, Edith seems very happy when using it, and Martha loves to help!