18th March

Pocket Lunch highchair  

Victoria Mia Pocket Lunch 3

We love the Pocket Lunch highchair because it’s lightweight, compact when folded, easy to take on travels and is very neat and tidy when tucked away.  Perfect if you don’t have much storage space in your kitchen or dining room.

So simple to use

We love how easy it was when it came to putting the chair up and collapsing it again.

Victoria Mia Pocket Lunch 6

It’s all done and dusted in a matter of seconds. Unlike other highchairs where you have to remove the tray & other pieces before you can collapse, with the Pocket Lunch you don’t need to remove anything, speeding up the process. There’s also a carry handle when folded to easily move it around. It’s so light (around 5kg) which is a real benefit for us as we often use it to take to grandparents or friends.

Comfortable and safe

The highchair seating is very cushioned making Mia happy and comfortable and the five point harness means she’s nice and safe inside. It is also brightly coloured and suitable for both sexes.

Victoria Mia Pocket Lunch 7

Really lightweight and portable – ideal for us to use at home and visiting family.

There’s a three position recline on the seat. Mia sometimes falls asleep in the chair so it’s good to she can be reclined further so we don’t
have to take her out.

Useful features

Pocket Lunch has a storage compartment underneath which comes in handy for storing Mia’s highchair toys away. And as Mia grows the tray has three positions and can be removed so that Mia can sit directly to the table and eat with us a family.

Victoria Mia Pocket Lunch 4

Did Pocket Lunch make us smile?

Mia loves eating in her highchair. We would definitely recommend Pocket Lunch to all mummies and daddies.