26th March

Rainbow Cube  

Amy Edith Rainbow 3

Versatile light & music box

The Chicco Rainbow Projector Cube is a beautifully compact light and music box that we use every single day. Its ‘cube’ design means we can turn the projector to aim towards the ceiling but also to the left and right too making it very versatile.

Amy Edith Rainbow Cube 1

A nightlight and a sensory toy

At bedtime we use the Rainbow Cube as a nightlight for Edi (and it’s also bright enough for me to feed her by) and then music also helps her to drift off to sleep. In the day we use the projector as more of a ‘toy’ as Edith likes to look at the lights when enjoying tummy time and tries to stretch, reach and push her self towards it, promoting her gross motor skills as she begins to become mobile.

Amy Edith Rainbow 4

Different projections to keep Edi entertained

There are seven different colours of light projection to choose from and also four designs of light filter around the cube; stars, hearts, kites and clouds and a soft glow night light. These can be selected individually to really personalise the projection. There is also the option to add music to the projections for a relaxing and calming multi sensory night time experience; ideal for bedtime.

Versatile, practical but also soothing and fun. Could be our favourite product so far….!

Easy to use for both me and Edith!

The colours and patterns are all controlled from a simple dial on the back of the Rainbow Cube and the sounds are activated and deactivated using a switch. On the front of the cube there is a cute sleeping character which Edi talks to ask she drifts off to sleep.

Amy Edith Rainbow Cube 2

Great for homeā€¦.and away!

The projector is small and portable so we have taken it with us when away so that Edith feels at home, and as it is battery powered we are also looking forward to being able to take it with us when we go camping in May.

Did the Rainbow Cube make us smile?

We love the Rainbow Projector Cube for so many reasons and can imagine using it for years to come as its just so versatile and practical but also fun. Its cost compared to its function makes it great value for money…it could be our favourite Chicco product tested so far!