12th September

Rainbow Cube  


This is a lovely sound and light cube which projects pictures on to the wall and plays melodies which help your baby drift off to sleep.

A world of different projections!
We love the Rainbow Cube because of the seven different colour choices as well as the multi-colour option, as this keeps Mia happier for a lot longer than a normal projector. Although the picture stays the same, the colour change keeps her attention. You can choose from four different pictures; stars, hearts, clouds and kites together, and rainbows, which is great as we use it lots to help settle Mia in the evenings, so it’s nice to be able to change them so it’s not always the same.

Victoria and Mia's Happiness Test of the Rainbow Cube

The Rainbow Cube keeps Mia happier for longer than other projectors

Magic sounds and music
The music is just the right volume that it can soothe Mia to sleep both in the day and at night, and there’s a really good selection of different types of sounds and music to listen to. It’s nice you have the option to either have the music playing with the lights on or you can turn the music off so just the lights are going.

What we love
We have had a few giggles from Mia because of the animal sounds at the end of the music, as her two-year old big sister loves to copy them and then names the animal and this makes Mia smile and giggle. This is lovely as it means it’s not just a bedtime toy but can be used for fun during the day as well. It is also nice as it’s not just for birth, as the cube is good for learning development with the colours and sounds.

It’s not just a bedtime toy and is good for learning development

Did the Rainbow Cube pass the Happiness Test?
Yes! We would definitely recommend this product to other mummies, it’s an A* buy.