20th December

Snappy stroller  

Cate Hannah Snappy 2

Hannah and I love the Snappy stroller – it’s portable, very lightweight and ideal for travelling.  It looks great and is comfortable to push and for Hannah too

Ours came in a vibrant green colour – ‘green wave’.  It’s perfect for a boy or girl.  The frame is black which sets the colour off perfectly.  It looks funky and very ‘about town’.

Lightweight and comfortable too!

Cate Hannah Snappy 4

Lightweight, ultra portable and sturdy

I love the Snappy Stroller most because it’s so easy to use, portable and yet still really sturdy.  It’s so simple to fold down with an umbrella fold, and clips into place really easily.  Once folded it’s so small – it fits really easily into the boot of my Ford Focus with lots of room left for shopping.  It’s so lightweight too which makes it even more convenient for travelling around.  It would be perfect for taking on holiday.

Great features too

The seat has two positions, and easily reclines when you need it to.  The padding is compact and comfy, and there’s plenty of room for Hannah in the seat as she grows.  It’s suitable from around six months to three years.  She finds it really comfortable, and happily watches the world go by in it!

Cate Hannah Snappy 3

The adjustable five point harness keeps Hannah snugly safe and has reassuring clicks when closed.  The brakes feel very secure and are easy to operate, and locking wheels at the front mean it’s super easy to use.  The shopping basket underneath is roomy too.  Great!

We both love the hood on the pushchair which opens and closes easily, and remains open with secure clips either side.  It’s perfect if the sun is in Hannah’s eyes, or to make it a bit darker at nap time.

Cate Hannah Snappy 1

Perfect accessories

It also comes complete with a rain cover.  What more could you need?

We love this simple and stylish pushchair.  Snappy Stroller means getting out and about is no-fuss, which as a busy mum-of-two, I love.  It’s easy to use, very portable, yet still comfortable for Hannah.

Does it make us happy?

Snappy stroller makes getting out and about simple for both of us.  Hannah and I think it’s great!