20th March

Top Audio Digital Monitor  

Amy Monitor 6

The Chicco Top Audio digital monitor is so much more than just a monitor with its compact, lightweight and stylish design. It is so easy to set up, you can just turn on the two units and begin to use them without any further instruction.

Useful features

Using the ‘menu’ button and the ‘+’ and ‘-’ on the parent unit you can find all the features of monitor. From here you can set the clock, vibration alert and voice activation but also reminders.

Amy Edith Monitor 3

The alarm functions allow me to set reminders for daily tasks such as feeds and naps which will be a great help for a routine for Edi, but I can also put in doctors appointments which helps me be more organised (no mean feat with two children as all mums will know!)

Not just a monitor

The Chicco Top Audio monitor can be use as a traditional baby monitor, but also used as a night light and lullaby music box. The night light has two brightness settings and provides enough light for me to feed Edith by at night but also has a fade setting designed to sooth baby to sleep by gently moving from the brightest light to dimmest over a 12 minute period.

Everything you would want from a monitor and more!

Keeping a safe temperature

The parent unit also displays the temperature surrounding the baby unit and the display flashes when the temperature isn’t at a comfortable level to help us to ensure that Edith is content and safe.

Amy Edith Monitor 2

Soothe them to sleep with sweet lullabies

With the lullaby mode you can play a choice of five tunes and the volume can easily be adjusted too. It’s also possible to connect an MP3 player to the baby monitor. What would make the monitor even more special is if the music could play whilst in monitor mode and both the music and light be controlled using the parent unit.

Clear audio and handy vibration

The monitor has a clear audio output on the parent unit with an accompanying light to give a visual signal when sound is detected. This light is displayed at three levels of intensity to show quite, medium or loud noises. There is also the option to add a vibration alert when a ‘loud’ noises is detected. My husband has worn the monitor on his waistband using the attached clip and turned the volume down so we can all enjoy a film but still knows if Edi has woken up as he can feel the vibration. The monitor is fully portable in this way as it charges from the mains whilst plugged in.

Really compact, lightweight and with great features. The ‘talk back’ facility is useful to reassure Edi too.

Amy Edith Monitor 5

Useful Talk Back feature

The parent unit also has a ‘talk back’ facility so that we can reassure Edith (or ask Chris to bring down my slippers when he pop upstairs!) without having to go and see her and possibly disturb her more.

Reassuring for us

The monitor has a good signal range; we have taken it up the garden when putting the chickens to bed at night and still had a good signal, indicated by the symbol on the screen. This will be great in the summer when we want to spend time in the garden once Edith is in bed as it means we can still enjoy the evenings knowing she is safe.

Does the audio monitor make us happy?

We love our Chicco monitor and the freedom it has given us to introduce a ‘bed time’ for Edith so we can keep an ear on her. It has everything you could want from a monitor and then so much more. A fabulous product.