02nd April

Top Digital Video Monitor  

Victoria Mia Monitor 1

We’ve been testing out the Top Digital Video Monitor and it’s been so useful for us.

Fantastic video quality to watch our girls dream

Mia shares a room with her older sister, so it’s useful for us to be able to watch them both. The 3” screen and video quality is excellent and the night vision, which instantly comes into play as soon as the lights go out, is fantastic. The sound quality is completely clear with no interference at all.  You can use a zoom feature to get a closer look and also have the option to video or take a picture of your baby from the parent monitor – maybe to catch that first word!

Victoria Mia monitors 4

A great thing is the two-way talk button. It means you can talk to your baby wherever you are. This is particularly handy for us for us to speak to Mia’s sister if she climbs out of bed, rather than go in to settle her and risk waking Mia.

Another brilliant feature!

A quality lightweight monitor that gives us reassurance. Really useful features like a nightlight, talk-back, lullabies and a temperature monitor too.

Victoria Mia monitors 5

Useful features to help busy parents

You can view the temperature of the room within seconds of turning the monitor on and have the option of a nightlight or to play a choice of six soft lullabies in the room. The nightlight runs down the side and isn’t too bright so it won’t keep your baby awake. Using the touch screen where you can select various options such as alarms to remind you change a nappy/give medicine/ feed. You can also store contacts and save those all important numbers. It also stores the date and time.

There is a volume control along with an orange light which flashes when the baby makes a noise.

Lightweight and easy to use

Victoria Mia Monitors 3

Both units are compact, lightweight and easy to hold and they feel well made.

The parent unit has a stand but can also be removed making it easy to carry around as it feels no different to holding a mobile phone. The child monitor sits in the bedroom (or wherever your child might be). We would have liked the option to maybe fix the child monitor to the wall.

Easy to take on trips away

With both monitors being small and lightweight it makes them easy to pack when staying anywhere else. The parent monitor comes with a battery pack so you can charge it up and carry it anywhere once charged rather than having to sit by a plug.

Did it pass the Happiness Test?

We love the Chicco Digital Video Monitor. It is a quality product and offers great value for money.