11th April

Twist armchair  

Victoria Mia Twist 2

This month we have been reviewing the Twist chair, a huge hit in our house with all three kids. 

Three chairs in one!

Twist has three different positions; an armchair position which is great for Mia’s older sister as she looks at her books or toys, a foot rest (where the front of chair folds down) which is brilliant for the kids when watching TV or the top section folded out as well and reclined to almost flat which we love for real relaxing and even the odd nap!

Victoria Mia Twist 1

A soft landing for a wobbly inquisitive baby!

Mia mainly uses the fully reclined position due to still being quite little. She lies on it drink her milk. Mia has just started to try and pull herself up onto her knees so uses the chair in its normal seat position to hold onto. This is ideal because if she loses her balance and falls forward she has a nice cushioned seat to catch her fall meaning less tears!

Great for all ages – all our kids love it. Provides comfort and a nice place for Mia to relax.

Perfect for all three of my children

As well as Mia using the chair, Alissia, who is two, often likes to sit on it using all three positions, especially in the evening when she likes to drink her milk before bedtime. Even Mia’s older brother Joshua likes Twist. He loves using the armchair with the footrest down in front of the TV to watch films during our family evenings on Fridays.

Victoria Mia Twist 3

Practical, versatile and the kids love it!

When we have friends with children over, Twist always manages to get the kids attention! The colours are lovely and bright, the material is soft and padded so very comfortable cushioning. As you can imagine Twist sees its fair share of mucky fingers but it’s never a problem as it simply wipes clean and dries within minutes. As for any really sticky dirty situations though, the cover can be removed giving you the option to give it a thorough clean.

Light and easy to take on travels

Twist is lightweight and this makes it easy to throw in the car and take on any travels whether it’s to grandparents or a UK holiday break or a trip to the park for a picnic. 

Did it make us smile?

It’s great value for money as it really does provide comfort for all ages and gives plenty of years of use. Mia and her siblings would 100% recommend Twist to all little girls and boys.