04th April

Twist chair  

Cate Hannah Twist 4

Twist is a brilliant padded and versatile toddler chair from Chicco. It comes in a vibrant green/blue ‘sea green’ and is suitable from around one, when your little one is walking until around five years of age.

Cate Hannah Twist 1


Comfortable and sturdy

Hannah and I love this chair because it will grow with her.  It transforms into three different modes, depending on the mood or time of day.  It’s super padded, sits sturdily on the floor and comfortable for Hannah (and her older brother!) in all three modes.

‘Chair’ mode is a lovely upright comfy chair, which is perfect for sitting and reading, or sitting at a little table.  I think it really encourages independence and provides a wonderful comfy space of a toddler’s very own.

Cate Hannah Twist 2

Chaise longue and armchair modes

The seat of the chair folds out for ‘chaise longue’ mode.  This is Hannah’s favourite!  She can stretch out and play or read her favourite books.  She loves it when she’s in the chair and her brother talks to her there too!

The back then folds down for ‘armchair’ mode.  This is a lovely reclined position, while still allowing toddlers to see what’s going on.  Perfect for chill out time, and great for having a quiet cuddle with a favourite snugly.

Cate Hannah Twist 3

Warm and hard wearing

One of the great features of this chair is the removable cover.  It feels really hardwearing, but is still comfortable and warm.  It wipes clean, and because it’s completely removable via secure zips, it can be hand washed too.  Perfect!

This is a wonderful compact chair that provides a soft corner for play, learning or quiet time.  Now Hannah’s one, she’s only just starting to use it, and I know it will last her for many years to come.   It’s also compact enough with a great plastic cover, for easy storage and putting in the boot of the car to take to Nan and Grandad’s!

Wonderful comfortable 3-in-1 chair with so many uses. We know it will last us for ages!

Cate Hannah Twist 5

Does it make us happy?

We love this versatile, comfy, yet hardwearing chair.  Hannah loves to read her favourite books in chaise longue mode, and I know she will get loads of use out of all three modes in the next few years.  It’s great value and very well made. We highly recommend it!