05th November

You & Me baby carrier  



I’m a big fan of ‘baby wearing’, and Hannah loves it too, so we were both really pleased to try out the Chicco You and Me baby carrier.

Suitable from newborn

The carrier is suitable from newborn with baby facing you, and from four months (when baby can hold its head), with baby facing outwards.  It carries a maximum weight of 11kgs or 24lbs.

It’s so comfortable.

Hannah’s nearly seven months old now and loves being carried around.  The Chicco You and Me carrier is so comfortable I can still manage it too, even though she’s getting heavier!


All round comfort for Hannah and for me!

Our first impression of the carrier was that it felt really strong and the padding made it nice and comfortable.  Unlike other carriers, it also has a really strong parent harness with loads of padding and support.  This is great because it means the weight of baby is evenly distributed across my back, rather than just my shoulders – even better as Hannah gets older and heavier! The whole area Hannah sits in is really well padded, like a cushion.  The fabric feels breathable and there are plenty of ventilation gaps for hot days too.


Clear markings to set the right position

Like most carriers, it took me a little while to get it set up so it was perfectly comfortable for Hannah and I.  I found the pictures on the box were quite clear and easy to follow, but there are a few clips to get the hang of.  The great thing is the front baby carrier part has height adjust; there are really clear markings that show where it should be positioned, depending on baby’s age and weight.  After I’d set it up, I now leave it as it is, so Hannah and I can quickly use it each time.

It’s really straightforward and easy to put Hannah in and out of the carrier.

Straightforward and reassuringly safe!

I put the back harness on first, and although the front carrier does open completely, I find it easier to have it half open and slot Hannah in that way.  I fasten her in by myself, using one hand to operate the clips and the other to support her.  The clips on the carrier feel really safe and secure, and all have satisfying clicks so you know when they’re locked in position.  The tops clips that attach Hannah’s arm supports to the harness are red, really easy to operate and feel so strong – you can’t go wrong.


What we love most

Hannah gets a different perspective on the world and I’m ‘hands-free’ to do jobs around the house, or take her to the park with her older brother. No more crying when I leave the room too – she always knows where I am when I’m right behind her. I find the carrier really comfortable, and Hannah does too.  She gets excited when she sees me putting the harness on as she knows she’ll be in it and seeing interesting things soon – even if it is just nipping to the local shop!

Did it make us smile?

We love using our carrier.  The You & Me carrier is another great value product from Chicco; well made, comfortable, safe and secure.  Hannah and I recommend it!