24th April

You & Me carrier  

Kirsty Rory You Me Carrier 2

We have been using the You & Me Baby Carrier since Rory was a couple of months old (we didn’t use it sooner as I was recovering from a C-Section). As Rory has been a baby who loves to look around it has been a great addition from the start.

Easy to adjust

The carrier provides two options; baby facing you (from newborn) although Rory never seemed to take to this option as he was always keen to see what was going on around him. Or make a simple adjustment so baby is facing out (recommended from four months).

Kirsty Rory You Me Carrier 1

The design also makes it easy to take a sleeping baby out and lay them down with minimal disruption – very useful if baby is feeling a little sensitive. And I could adjust it as I was wearing it to get the comfort just right for us both, which is great.

Helps with building relationships

Most parents will have heard that keeping close body contact with your baby is key to building a strong bond with your child; and this carrier has certainly provided this for Rory and I. I love holding him close and the carrier has allowed this to be a comfortable and happy bonding time, even when I’ve felt a little back pain.

The option which allows him to face out the way also helps him to build relationships with others as he has direct eye contact with those around him. I wore the carrier at my brother’s wedding and it was ideal for guests to meet our new addition, have eye contact with him and shake his hand.

Rory and Kirsty in Alnwick

Ergonomic design

I have had some problems with my back after my epidural and c-section, so having a baby carrier that is designed by some of the best ergonomic experts is absolutely fundamental. I deliberately didn’t use the carrier too soon to allow my abdominal wound to heal. However, as soon as I did use it, I felt almost immediate relief of pressure on my lower back. This is a huge plus point of this design – especially when Rory needs lots of cuddles.

Safety and Comfort

There are several clips and buckles, which take a little getting used to, but once you do, they certainly make the carrier feel extra safe and comfortable.  The harness design aids air circulation and breathability, reducing perspiration. I had friends who commented on the carrier and discomfort they’d had when using other brands of carrier – I was able to tell them I had none of this with the You & Me Carrier.

One of the best carriers on the market. Helps Rory bond with me and other people around him and also helps me get some jobs done too!

Marvellous for multi-tasking

Kirsty Rory You Me 2

The sling feels safe and secure, so was great to wear when Rory was really little and needed to be close to me. As many new mums will know, it feels like you need octopus arms just to get through the day with the bare essentials. Having the sling allowed me to do washing and tidy our table, while Rory was still cuddled up to me. When Rory suffers from reflux or wind after feeding, I was able to put him in the carrier, keeping him upright and ease his discomfort.

Getting Out and About

The sling is also great to get out and about to places you can’t go with a pram or buggy and I’m particularly looking forward to using the carrier when I visit the Isle of Arran in May. I also used it for shopping when Rory didn’t like lying in his carrycot for too long.

Did it make us smile?

The You & Me Baby Carrier has provided lots of smiles – and not just for Rory and I. As people come face to face with him in the carrier, I dare them not to smile back at his cheeky toothless grin. Definitely one of the best carriers on the market.