28th March

You & Me carrier  

Amy Edith You Me Carrier 3

When we first got the You & Me carrier, it took a bit of practice to get the hang of, but it’s worth taking the time as it’s a very comfortable and practical carrier that will last us as Edith grows, and for future children.

Breathable material ensures comfort for both of us

The carrier is made from breathable material with padded panels and straps that provide comfort and support for both us and Edith. Its design means that I am able to carry her over long distances and feel like I have support across my upper and lower back and shoulders as the weight is distributed evenly. As she gets bigger I am confident that we will still be comfortable to carry her around in relative comfort, something we are looking forward to when camping in the summer.

Amy Edith You Me Carrier 2

Grows with Edith and keeps her secure

The carrier straps can be fully adjusted to fit using a series of buckles. We used it for Edith from birth, although she did look a little lost and small in the carriers as a newborn despite weighing nearly 9lb. However, with adjustable height and width in the ‘seat’, the carrier grows as she grows meaning that she is always safe and secure.

Maximum comfort, safe and allows Edi to see the world around her.

Easy to use and we love that it opens up to put Edi in

The baby carrier seat itself is attached with easy to use safety clips which means when I am on my own I can kneel and lie Edi on the bed, place her in the seat part of the carrier and then clip her up. This system also means that I can take Edith ‘off’, as apposed to ‘out’, to change her or feed her without having to take off the whole carrier and means if she happens to fall asleep I can put her back in the carrier without disturbing her.

Amy Edith You Me Carrier 4

Parent or forward-facing as the baby grows

It can be used in front or parent facing mode. When Edith was newborn she faced inwards and was completely supported by the high back and comfortable fabrics. Now she is bigger and likes to explore the world she enjoys facing outwards and can see all around with the carrier front folded down. The flexible arm and leg holes are great as they allow her to move and express herself without restriction but still ensure she is secure and comfortable. 

Did it pass our Happiness Test?

The You and Me carrier looks fiddly and bulky but we have been surprised at how easy, comfortable and safe it is to use and have enjoyed it for ‘work’ (it’s great to carry her round as I get on with a few jobs!) and play.